To achieve its program goals, Rural Roots Children’s Centre:

  • Supports physical development by encouraging large and fine motor skills, health, safety, daily care routines and proper nutrition.
  • Ensures emotional development by encouraging ongoing communication, promoting opportunities for sharing and cooperating, guiding children’s behaviour through example and positive redirection and promoting redirection, and promoting self-control skills.
  • Creates a non-biased setting by promoting an appreciation of each child’s own culture, or other cultures and by demonstrating the same expectations for boys and girls.
  • Supports each child’s creative development by providing opportunities for creative self-expression and exploration.
  • Ensures support for ongoing development by stimulating language skills and promoting conceptual and problem-solving abilities.

Our Curriculum

We use emergent curriculum approach in all Rural Roots programs. It is a way of planning curriculum based on children’s interest and childhood development as well as the educators’ knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice. Observation, documentation, creative brainstorming and flexibility guide the planning of the programming. When educators see a child’s interest “emerging”, brainstorming begins to find ways to study the topic in depth.

Curriculum objectives and documentation are posted for family viewing in each location. Documentation includes photographs, written observations and notes on skills learned.

Program plans outline the activities for groups and individual needs to promote:

  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Language development
  • Cognitive development
  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Active and quiet play

Staff to Child Ratios

Rural Roots Children’s Centre observes the minimum standard ratios as set by the Child Care Early Years Act.

  • Toddler – 1 staff : 5 children
  • Pre-school – 1 staff : 8 children
  • Kindergarten – 1 staff : 13 children
  • School Age – 1 staff : 15 children

Rural Roots recognize that, at times, children and programs require extra staffing to maintain high quality. These occasions are identified by the Executive Director in partnership with staff.

Family Involvment and Volunteer Opportunities

Family involvement is strongly encouraged and parents/guardians are welcome to spend time in the program during the day. Throughout the year families will be invited to attend field trips with the children as well as various social events. Family members are welcome to come in and share special talents and/or interests with the children for example baking, carpentry, music etc.
Rural Roots is continuously looking for individuals to sit on our Board of Directors. If you are interested please contact the Executive Director.


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