Our Centre provides a well-balanced lunch, morning and afternoon snack daily. All snacks and lunches are planned in accordance with the Canada’s Food Guide. Snacks and lunches are made on-site by our Food Preparer and many items, such as baking and casseroles, are made from scratch. Emphasis is placed on providing attractive and nutritious meals in a home-like setting. Children are encouraged to taste and try new foods. Meal times are considered a social experience where children and staff share meals together. Menus are posted here and on the information bulletin board.



A list of children’s allergies is posted in food preparation, eating and activity areas. If a child is on a special diet, a meeting between the family and Food Preparer is necessary prior to the child’s first day to ensure that all dietary needs are met.

Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction and can be life threatening. The allergy may be related to food, insect stings, medicine, latex, exercise etc. This policy is in place to help ensure that children/staff in our Centre are safe at all times. While it is impossible to create a risk-free environment, we take these important steps to minimize potentially fatal reactions.

  • The family will inform the Executive Director/Designate that their child has severe allergic reactions (including anaphylaxis) prior to the child starting.
  • Executive Director/Designate will meet with the family and go through necessary forms, training etc.
  • A photo and anaphylactic allergy information will be posted on the allergy list.
  • Detailed information and description of child’s allergy will be kept on file in the office and in the program attendance binder.
  • Family will provide Rural Roots Children’s Centre with two EpiPens prior to enrolment. Depending on the age of the child one EpiPen will be worn on the child. Other EpiPens will be in a labelled fanny pack and attached to the program attendance binder.
  • All staff are required to have EpiPen training upon employment and annually thereafter.

On special occasions when food is brought from home please connect with the Food Preparer to ensure products are safe and guidelines are adhered to.


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